How To Install Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters instantly bring a component of elegance and class into any home, and they are thankfully a very simple “do-it-yourself” job. Practically anybody can install their own plantation shutters with the right tools and some basic handy-man knowledge.

Gather Your Tools

Reputable shutter manufacturers like “Shutters Australia” are often very supportive of people looking to install their plantation shutters on their own. For one thing, it means less work for them and they’d be able to move their inventory that much quickly. Before you get started though, you will need to have the right tools well on hand. You ought to discover the majority of these tools readily available in a standard tool kit.

To mark the exact locations for your shutters, you will need a pencil and a metal measuring tape. To make sure those locations are precise (and to hang the shutters with ease), you will need a wood shim, which is a thin piece of uniformly cut wood utilized for spacing, and a level. To hang the shutters, you will require a drill and a screwdriver. Normally, these are both a part of an electric drill basic package, however check to make sure you have actually the best sized drill head and the proper screwdriver head.

Correct Positioning

The success and beauty of your plantation shutters ultimately depends on it being positioned accurately before setup. If you fail to align it properly, your finished shutters will not look totally ideal and will need re-hanging.

Start the procedure by placing your wood shim on the top of your windows. The shim helps to support your shutters while you are marking the appropriate areas, keeps them in place while you are installing them, and guarantees that your shutters are all equally distanced from the windowsill. Take the entire set of shutters for the window and place them on top of your window shim. Line them up with your window the method you would like them to appear, then double check that everything is leveled; use the guide holes to mark where you will need to drill.


Once your drill guides are perfectly aligned, remove the shutters and drill the proper holes. Your shutters will have come with wood anchors which you will now need to install into your drill holes. Make sure that they can hold up against the weight of the shutters. Place the anchors, then return the shutters to the wood shim. Line the shutters up with the holes and their anchors, then screw them into location. Matching screw covers will polish the general appearance of your shutters, so think about using them as a finishing touch.

Learn more about DIY plantation shutters installation by checking out websites like They ought to be able to help you with everything you need with regards to choosing the perfect window treatment for your home.